Loyalty Program is Here!

Enroll in the program today!

We've recently launched our new rewards loyalty program!

First every dollar you spend on BangAChain.com and in store you will get 1 point toward rewards. In the future, those rewards will be used in conjunction with promotions to allow you to get discounts on discs, gear, and more!

To Enroll:

  1. Log in to BangAChain.com
  2. Navigate to edit your Account.
  3. At the bottom, select "Enroll me in the Loyalty Rewards program".
  4. Buy stuff!

Getting Points:

Points are applied to your account each time you complete a purchase with a balance after adjustments have been made. (Sadly, this means using payout giftcards do NOT count towards loyalty points as they aren't a valid tender for the rewards program.)

Each dollar spent is a point toward rewards.

Using Points:

When you reach 100 points you can apply $10 off your order online or in store! Use the code 100POINTS at checkout to get $10 off today!