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VIP-Ice Glimmer Harp Ricky Wysocki Bottom Stamp

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Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil

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SPEED: 4.0 | GLIDE: 3 | TURN: 0.0 | FADE: 3.0

Ricky Wysocki VIP Ice Glimmer Harp – The Harp is one of the best discs on the market (in our humble opinion)!!! It is a very reliable overstable putter. This disc has a very comfortable beadless grip and finds a nice overstable flight without a thumbtrac type feen of shots including a deadly forehand for approaches. One of the best discs in the Westside and Trilogy lineup, it is trusted by many players. We over at Bang-A-Chain love the Harp for forehand approach shots and forehand drives off the tee. It can be used for a variety of different shots due to its great feel in the hand both backhand and forehand, and its stability for a putter. It can handle all the power you can give it, and is great for headwind shots. Grab a Ricky Wysocki VIP Ice Glimmer Harp today!
Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil