Time-Lapse - Special Edition

Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil

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Usually ready in 24 hours

SPEED: 12.0 | GLIDE: 5 | TURN: -1.0 | FADE: 3.0

MVP once more answers the cries of their fans, and empties their wallets at the same time! Who could say no to a Fission Time-Lapse? Okay, let's rephrase that. Who could say no to the Simon Line Special Edition Fission Time-Lapse?

This SE Fission Time-Lapse is for sale by pre-order so that you can secure yours right now! The Time-Lapse is already a bomber distance driver made popular by Simon's big arm! Now it just got better with MVP's legendary Fission plastic! 

Fission boasts a lighter weight, with largely unaltered flight characteristics! This means we keep the Time-Lapse's flight path, but have it fly further with less effort! 

Don't hold back on the Special Edition Fission Time-Lapse, because no one else is going to!

Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil