Latitude 64

Ballista Pro Albert Tamm TS

Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil

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SPEED: 14.0 | GLIDE: 4 | TURN: 0.0 | FADE: 3.0

Albert Tamm Opto-X Ballista Pro – A very fast wide-rimmed driver, the Ballista Pro adds a little overstability to it’s standard Ballista counterpart. To capitalize on it’s success, the Ballista Pro brings in a nice familiar feel with a slight tweak that is sure to be loved by the power throwers. When thrown at full power the mold likes to turn a little and go really straight for a long time before a nice reliable hyzer every time. It is a disc you can trust at full power both backhand and forehand. It really is a workhorse distance driver. Help support Albert Tamm with the Opto-X Ballista Pro today!!

Latitude 64 says this about the mold: “Ballista Pro is the big brother to the Ballista, with added stability for experienced players. It is the perfect solution if you are looking for a distance driver that can navigate tight fairways. With a great combination of speed, stability, and glide it is the go-to disc for all kinds of distance shots…My go-to choice for a distance driver. Opto-X Ballista Pro gives me the extra stability that I need to stay on the fairways, without sacrificing the distance. Bazooka approved!”

Plastic | Color | Weight | Foil