About the Dynamic Discs LG Cart by ZUCA

Dynamic Discs LG Cart by ZÜCA

The more you explore different types of disc golf discs and plastics, the greater your collection grows. You also find yourself taking more discs to the course and have likely invested in a bag to do so.

While having all of your favorites and top performers is certainly an asset, there's one downside: You have to lug it all around with you, possibly during a hot afternoon in the sun. For convenience and reducing players' back strain, Dynamic Discs partnered with ZÜCA for a line of disc golf carts. Our expanded capacity "LG" cart offers 50% more room than our original Backpack Cart to accommodate those additional midranges, fairways, and distance drivers you're bringing along.

The LG disc golf cart lets you turn your favorite bag into a rolling backpack, and go anywhere with less effort and stress, even with heavy gear. Built to handle any terrain, from urban to suburban, this ZÜCA disc golf cart gets you there while avoiding back and shoulder strain and always offering you a seat!

Lifting up the built-in seat allows for easy access to contents and lets you carry a variety of disc golf bags and equipment.

The "LG" comfortably holds the Dynamic Discs Ranger H2O Backpack along with the rest of the Dynamic Discs bag lineup as well as the Latitude 64 bag lineup.

Technical Specs:

  • Sturdy, patented frame doubles as a portable seat rated to safely support up to 300 lbs.
  • Fits large, specialized backpacks up to 11"D x 16"W x 20"H
  • Go off-road in all seasons with all-terrain tubeless foam tires that keep rolling over rocks, sand, snow, and rough terrain
  • Removable wheels allow for more compact storage in back seats and closets
  • Gear platform to carry additional load
  • Sealed wheel bearings mean low maintenance and a smooth ride
  • 51" telescoping handle
  • This cart does not meet FAA specifications for carry-on baggage


26.52"H x 24"W x 16"D (including wheels)


16.1 lbs.

Image Title Color Stock Price
Dynamic Discs LG Cart by ZUCA Grey 1 $250.00